Now I wanna talk about the backswing. There is a common myth in tennis that we need to get the racket back as fast as possible. And over the years people taught
that on the court that you move around with the racket back and then you swing. There are some negatives to that. One, to get the racket up to speed can be tough. You know to be have a consistent starting from a stopped position back here is tough. Here is what I want you to do! Get prepared to hit the ball. When you let go with your hand, I want the racket to start moving and never stop all the way through the contact zone and all the way through the follow through. So, this is what I want to see. Let go, Swing, Follow Through. Just like that! OK, let’s use Novak Djokovic to reinforce this concept of a smooth
transition between preparation, backswing, swing through contact, and follow through. OK, notice how he prepares to hit the ball. He just turns his shoulders and hips sideways to the net He releases the racket and the racquet never stops moving all
the way through contact and follow through. Okay, to reinforce this concept, I want you to watch it watch two more times. Okay, we covered the basics of the forehand backswing. Remember, these are just the basics. There are various types of backswings based on the shot such as return of serve. But for now, This should get you started!

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Dennis Veasley

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