Since tennis requires such extreme hand-eye
coordination, somewhat similar to baseball, there’s some simple exercises you can do to
increase your hand-eye coordination level. I like to bounce a ball off the racket and
count in the beginning how many times I can do it, and then also maybe switch it up like
this so that you’re bouncing it from your back hand and your forehand side. Another
thing, if you’re playing tennis and you don’t have anybody to play with and you want to
go out and hit some balls, most courts offer a wall to hit the ball against. It’s very
good exercise as well and you can practice both of your strokes. If you’re a beginner,
the wall if very nice because you can get close enough to where you’re not going to
lose any balls over the top of the fence. Also, a lot of people like to practice their
serve. We’ll get into the serve and how to serve in a little bit. A lot of people I see
in tennis courts are just there by themselves practicing their serve, so nothing should
stop you.

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Dennis Veasley

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