I’m going to talk to you about some shot strategies.
Depending on where your opponent is playing might depend on where you want to hit the
ball. You want to constantly try to keep them in motion. Not necessarily to tire them out,
but to give them a harder shot to return to you. If the person is playing very deep, you
might want to do a little drop shot, and I’ll get into the example of that. If they’re playing
deep, it means they’re playing beyond the back line, beyond the serving line. They might
be playing way back here and trying to get a volley going from a deep perspective. If
they’re playing short, which means anywhere I would say from here up, you want to try
and hit them with a deep shot, so they’re going be kind of hand cuffed and not knowing
what to do with the ball. Now, if your person charges the net and comes at you, then you
want to do a little a lob shot. I will show you that right now.

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Dennis Veasley

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