Alright, now I’d like to talk you about serving
and the techniques that go along with serving. We’ll worry about where the ball has to go
in the court and I’ll give you some court guidelines later for singles and doubles tennis.
But for now, when you see TV and you see a professional tennis player and the serving
the ball, it always looks so fluid and natural. This is the way it should look to start. You
take the ball to the edge of the racket and just like this. Your knees are up. My right
knee is up just a little bit, and then next thing I would do is toss the ball in the air.
I would suggest that you work on tossing the ball first before even hitting the ball and
just catching to where you might be comfortable of it being a certain level. Next, you want
to hit the ball. Now keep in mind in tennis you can always catch the ball if it’s a bad
toss or if you’re not ready to hit it with out fault, without an error. A fluid motion
looks somewhat like this. Now, I don’t know if that ball was going to go in, but we’re
focusing on technique right now. A nice fluid motion. You want to hit the ball more up here
as to so that you’re coming down towards the net. Some mistakes I’ve seen people do in
serving is hitting the ball too quick like this, maybe hitting the ball on a bad toss
like that. Now I’m out of balls. Or some people try to hit just to get it over the net, which
isn’t so bad to start, but it’s that old adage why learn something the wrong way and practice
it the wrong way if you can learn something the right way and get in just a little more
time. And that’s serving for me.

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Dennis Veasley

8 thoughts on “Tennis Tips For Beginners : Serving Techniques for Tennis”

  1. bahaahahahhaahhahhahahhah!!!! He does not even have the right grip. Do not listen to this guy he does not know what he is talking about.

  2. @qtrinh Ummnot true. There is no way you can get the ball over the net with speed, control, or spin with that grip. The only thing you can do is hit down, and into the net.

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