Now, I just talked about some shots and I’m
going to give you an example of those shots right now. We talked about more of the strategy
and what to do depending on where your opponent was, and now I’m going to show you the style
and the technique it takes to do these shots. The first I’d like to start with is the lob
shot, because not only is it good for when your opponent charges the net on you, but
it’s also good if you’re running after a ball and you’ve reached the other end of the court.
Where if you hit a hard shot back, you’re going to give them the chance to hit the ball
across court and you’ll never get back to it. Sometimes you need to do a lob shot to
buy yourself time too, not only to hit it over the person’s head. A good lob shot usually
hits on the other side of the court beyond the line, beyond the serve line here. A good
lob shot you want to hit at least to here or back, which is sometimes hard to judge
and why it takes a lot of practice. A good lob shot you want to have the tennis racket
angle a little bit up in the air and you want to hit the ball high enough to where that
person can’t reach it if they’re at the net with the racket jumping. So here’s one example
of a good lob shot. Notice how I made it almost to the back line and it was well high enough
to where nobody, even Shaquille O’neil, was going to reach it. Now, don’t practice a lob
shot against the wall for obvious reasons. It is good to practice with a partner when
you’re out here playing and getting warmed up.

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Dennis Veasley

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  1. heres a good lob shot…let me drop the ball like im playing table tennis and hit it over the fence…LMAO expert village is a joke

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