Another shot that I’d like to talk about is
a drop shot. Now, you want to do a drop shot whenever your opponent is playing back beyond
the base line, which is the serve line right here. The strategy of a drop shot is a little
bit like that of a pitcher throwing curve ball or a change up. Probably more so a change
up. You don’t want the opponent to be aware that you’re going to hit a drop shot. You
don’t want it to look like you’re going to run up there and hit it, kind of like sissy
like. A good technique for a drop shot is you want to use the same positioning as you
would any other shot. The objective is to hit it just over the line, just over the net
actually, so that your opponent has no chance to get to it because they’re playing so deep.
You want to use the same technique as you would a forehand shot. You just want to kind
of hit the ball with a little bit of backspin. You want to come down on the ball with a racket
like this. So, when the ball gets hit, it’s going to give a little back spin. When that
ball hits the ground, it’s going to die. If you’ll watch this, I’ll bounce it and hit
it over, and hopefully it’s a good drop shot. Okay. That wasn’t a good drop shot. It’s easier
to do when somebody hits it to you. There you go. You notice how the ball was just spinning
the air. It just went over the net, and when it hit it died. Now, if my opponent’s playing
way back beyond the base line, he’s never going to get to that ball and I’m going to
have the last laugh. That’s my drop shot.

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Dennis Veasley

9 thoughts on “Tennis Tips For Beginners : How to Hit a Drop Shot in Tennis”

  1. Terrible vid. I pity the beginner who after watching this video thinks this is what drop shots are supposed to look like.

  2. here's a tip, hit a drop shot with your backhand. the backhand swing is supposed to be for slice. a forehand is meant for topspin. its more advantageous to hit a drop with your backhand.

  3. Who taught you to grip the racket for this shot like you do? You' d better chose another sport than tennis. Try playing cards.

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