Now, we went over the lob shot and when somebody
charges the net on you, but now when do we make the decision to charge the net? If you
want to win a match and playing for points, charging a net is going to get you a lot of
points if you do it at the right times. I like to charge the net when your opponent
hits the ball kind of short and you’re running in on the ball. So that you’re not losing
any motion and stopping at all to get in position to hit the ball. You’re kind of running and
hitting at the same time and already towards the net. The object of surprise and to catch
your opponent off guard a little bit is the object of coming to the net. You want to make
sure you hit a deep base line shot when he hits it short. Before you charge the net,
hit a deep base line shot and put them in a bad position. I’m going to try and do that
right now. He hits the ball here, deep base line shot, and I’m up here. Basically, if
he hits the ball and I’m at the net, it gives me so much more leverage right here. Sometimes
you can spike the ball so hard to where you opponent can’t even reach the ball. The ball
might even bounce as far out of the stadium, out of the court, so it’s the coolest thing
whenever you spike a ball from the net. Let’s just do one more for fun. And it’s out of here folks. Show me your spike

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Dennis Veasley

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