Now I’m going to talk you about the backhand
positioning. I smile a little bit because it took me several years to get comfortable
with my hand. The tendency for me, and maybe for you, will be to run the ball down as fast
as you can so that you can get into your forehand position. Because generally, your forehand
is going to be a stronger shot and the backhand is going to take some time to work on. It’s
going to take some time, I’m going to warn you right now, before you have a strong powerful
backhand. If you don’t work on it, against the wall like I said earlier, is a perfect
place to work on your backhand and also in a game or in a volley with your friends. If
you don’t work on it you’re not going to get better at it, and that’s the thing. Some people
like to do a 2 hand backhand to where you’re almost like a baseball stance, but again,
just as forehand you want to stay crouched and make sure you have enough room. Enough
width between your legs and you’re kind of sitting down so that you can get the power
and you have the maneuver ability to get the ball over the net. Now, me, I prefer a single
hand backhand. I have enough power and I have enough body motion to where I can get the
body over the net. I don’t try to chase it down anymore with my forehand. I’m comfortable
with my backhand. Like I said, it took several years. Just like the forehand, you want to
make sure you’re in good positioning. I don’t want to hit the ball back here, I don’t want
to hit the ball out here, I don’t want to hit the ball over here. In extreme cases,
I might just barely be able to get to the ball. Those cases are different, but usually
I’ll have time to get to the ball. I want to make sure I hit it right here in the center
of my being. And just like that you’re going to be able to have a good backhand in no time.
It might seem like forever, but the more you practice on it against the wall or with a
friend, you’re going to be able to do it. Remember the smooth motion in all your strokes.

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