One of the things I love about teaching tennis
and studying the game of tennis is that there are different ways to swing the racket,
and there’s different ways to play tennis. You can swing more to low-to-high, even on the forehand side, you can swing
low-to-high, and finish like this. You can also work on your hand turn, your racket head acceleration, and swing more across your body like this. And the same holds true on the two-handed backhand. A guy like Novak Djokovic, when I’ve studied him, I feel like his backhand, he goes more low to high like this. And then, there are other guys that have
absolute world-class backhands. Of course, Novak has that as well and they have a different swing path. They swing more across their body. So, Andy Murray is a guy that really stands out
for me, where, when he swings, he really uses a lot of his non-dominant arm to swing across his body like this, and the finish, where his hands end up, it’s usually around by his shoulder right here. Whereas with Djokovic, it’s more low to high, and you’re swinging up over your shoulder more. So, what I want to show you now is that
Andy Murray style of backhand. So, I just hit two screamers right there.
I know you can’t see where the ball landed, but you can trust me on this, the ball went
very low over the net, and it was a low drive. And you can drive it, of course, with a high finish,
but in this case, a guy like Andy Murray, and you can copy Murray’s backhand, he’s going to take his back-swing,
and he’s going to swing straight across like this. And then, his hands, if you noticed, the hands are going to finish more by the shoulder right here and that just really allows you to create a lot of force going across your body. Now, I would say that this is more of
an advanced stroke. If you’re just starting the game you probably want to go more low to high with it but I really feel like if you want to generate a
world-class backhand and hit great backhands you can practice this type of swing
where you go across your body. You’ll also notice again, at the very end, look at my relaxed hand here. This just allows me to use my non-dominant arm to swing across. I’m not a big fan of just swinging with one hand to learn how to use the non-dominant arm. I really think you should have two hands on the racket but to make sure you’re using the non-dominant arm, you’re just going to be relaxing your hand. So, let me give you a couple more shots at this before we finish up this backhand lesson,
the Murray backhand. So, I’m just trying to skin this ball over the net with that low finish. I’m thinking about going across my body. Again, much different
than the low to high swing, but I want you to go out there and practice it try it out, and of course, let me know
what you think of the Murray-style backhand. I really hope you received a ton of value
from this lesson today so you can go take action on the court
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to watch this lesson today.

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Dennis Veasley

36 thoughts on “TENNIS TIP | The Murray And Djokovic Two Handed Backhand Tennis Tip”

  1. are u hitting with a closed face…or maybe impacting low on the cop to generate topspin and keep those "sceamers" in the court ??

  2. If you watch yourself again when you say you are hitting a murray backhand, it actually looks much more like djokovic's backhand. Murray doesn't relax I've the shoulder but even lower, almost on the shoulder.

  3. Djokovic hits with his arm slightly bent, unlike Murray and most other pros, who hit at full extension.

  4. Hi Jeff,

    Can you do a video analysis one of the hardest hitting backhands of all time, the Big Russian, Marat Safin? Not many people, even on today's tour, hit it as cleanly as he does. Not only does he have a great basic backhand, but his jumping backhand (that some affectionately call the Jack Knife) was a sight to behold.

  5. Hi jeff thanks for showing the difference in backhand swings. I was using low to high and noticed I wasn't hitting the ball cleanly as I kept framing the ball more. I have been playing for quite a while. I switched it to Murray's backhand swinging across my body and man was it a big difference. More accuracy, contact, and power on my shot. Thanks! Keep coming with these tips.

  6. Your a lefty? I am too I would have loved to see the video from that point of view. I learned how to hit that across the body backhand like Murray by hitting one handed forehands with my right hand. I would love to see you analyze the Djokovic backhand.

  7. Good stuff Jeff, particularly in that you acknowledge that there are more than one way of playing great tennis.  Novak's backhand is not coming natural to me, so I'm using the style you are showing here. I think Safin and Devydyeno/Nalbandian are more or less this type of backhand swing path.

  8. Novak's backhand is more solid, requires more time to execute it, nonetheless it doesn't look natural as Andy's backhand, it is way more easy to dominate it and makes the ball go deeper (because it goes more flat). Andy's backhand requires more time to get a solid strike but it can be executed in less time and can make the ball go faster and with a heavier spin.

  9. I've copied Serena's BackHand technique and grip with the open stand and now my BH is the most dominant shot in my game…It feels magical every time i rip a BH winner ^.^ (the left hand grip is extremely important with the double handed BH!) 

  10. What part of the ball are you supposed to hit with this shot ? Are you hitting flat in the center of the ball or are you brushing the ball from the bottom? He didn't say anything about this crucial aspect and that is where my confusion is

  11. I think They vary on the right hand grip. I you have a continental grip the murray style would fit you. But if you're a fan of Jeff and go with the weak continental grip I would suggest the djokovic style. It is just easier to make the racket  face.

  12. Hey Jeff, I like how you describe the difference between the Djokovic backhand and Murray's. I was wondering, since I'm left hand dominate but play right handed; should I try and switch to the two hander? Obviously giving the two handed backhand gives you more power, control; I have been hitting with a one handed backhand for a 1 & 1/2 years and I can say I'm not bad at it but it lacks power and control. I can hit a easy winner here and there but it's not consistent. Could you give me any tips or suggestions on weather to switch or not. Thanks.

  13. andy's cross court backhand is his better shot of his game much better than novak but he doesn't use that very ofter

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