A common mistake on the two handed backhand is trying to get the racket too quickly
up. This will cause the ball to spin a lot
but go very slowly. It is very important that the left hand
goes through and has a good extension forward.
A good drill for this is trying to hit the ball and stop pointing towards your target. You do
that a few times hit and stop pointing at the target then you hit, stop and bring the racket and then try to do it fluidly, point go, point go Make sure the left-hand pushes the ball

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Dennis Veasley

2 thoughts on “Tennis Tip – Improve your Two-handed Backhand by Using your Racquet head Correctly”

  1. Quick question. When you finish with your racket in front of you do your strings face forwards, towards the target, or do you close the racket face? does it matter?

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