The key to great volleying is the change
in mentality. in tennis we’re always thinking about
hitting the ball. At the net you want to think about catching the
ball. When you’re catching the ball you set your hand right behind the ball
early, and then just adjust to the ball. So the
hand is gonna be in front you’re adjusting to the ball. It is the same
thing with the volley. You wanna, if the ball is coming low
you’re gonna set up your racquet in front of you adjust and hit it. The ball is coming high, set the racket behind the ball and hit it. A
good goal is to put the racket in such a position
that if you don’t do anything the ball it’s gonna hit it. If you’re
able to do that it’s going to be so much easier to
volley. Set the racket behind the ball, adjust and just push. Set the racket behind
the ball, adjust push

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Dennis Veasley

6 thoughts on “Tennis Tip – How to Volley Better”

  1. ive played singles tennis matches over the years but rarely played doubles.joined a new club recently and most are playing doubles so i am finding it difficult to adapt. any tips on good doubles practice ?

  2. Hello Edgar.Thank you for sharing great tennis tips.I have a question for Volley.Do you turn shoulder when you take back to volley like groundstroke?

  3. Hey edgar! I was wondering if you had any tips on how to set up a winning volley and not get passed at the net in singles. Thanks!

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