The middle of the net is not always the best place to stand to cover the opponent’s passing shot. The general rule is just follow your
ball. What does that mean? if I hit my approach shot that way I am going to follow the ball
and stand a little bit to the left of the center line. If I hit my approach to the other
side, I am going to do the same thing. I am going to follow my ball and stand a little
bit to the right of the center line. Why? Not because I want to cover the down the line
passing shot. It is because if I stand there I am covering the best possible shots of the
opponent. Let’s take a look. If I approach to the corner there, the best shot of the
opponent is going to pass right here in the air before it bounces. If he goes crosscourt,
his best shot is going to pass somewhere around there in the air so that it bounces in the
court. So if I am standing here, I am basically one large step from either one of his shots.
So when you are playing singles, make sure that you follow the ball to the net to be
in the best place to cover the passing shot.

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Dennis Veasley

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