A great shot to have in your arsenal is a drop volley. What are you
trying to do? The ball is coming fast and you are trying to take the speed of the ball and slow it down so that the ball barely passes the net. How do we do that? We set up like a
regular volley racket in front of you, and then as you
make contact with the ball you gotta loosen up your wrist a little
bit and go under the ball a little bit, so the ball
is going to have a little bit of slice. You don’t really slice the ball you
don’t cut it. Your strings are pointing at the ball; as the ball hits it you just take a little bit of that pace
off. A good exercise to practice this its the following: Set and try to catch
the ball in the string. The next ball you’re going to try to do
exactly the same but just go a little bit foreward. Do it again: Set, turn, and tried to catch the ball in your
strings. The next one You set and you turn and you move it forward. The same idea is the backhand volley; exactly the same: you set the racket and then just go under it a little bit. Let’s try it with
the exercise: catch the ball and same idea, just move forward under the ball. Catch the ball and set
the racket and over

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Dennis Veasley

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