Let’s talk about the grip on the forehand. It is very important to choose
the correct grip when learning to play tennis. So for the forehead there are
three options Either and Eastern grip which is like
shaking hands with the racket a Semi Western grip which is like picking up a racket from
the ground or a Full Western grip which is the hand
underneath the racquet. I would recommend you play with
either in Eastern grip by a Semi Western grip. A Full Western ester
grip makes hitting a forehand a little bit more
complicated you have to be very explosive and
athletic to be able to hit the ball with pace

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Dennis Veasley

2 thoughts on “Tennis Tip – Forehand – What is the Best Grip to Hit a Forehand?”

  1.  A full western grip allows you to hit forehands and one handed backhands without changing your hand position on the grip. I prefer the semiwestern since most of my play is on hard courts.

  2. Hello I am new to tennis. If I use the eastern grip for my forehand should I also use it for my backhand? If not what grip should I be using to hit one handed backhands?

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