Making too many mistakes off the return
of serve is a huge disadvantage. You have to make sure that you are making the opponent play, so on a first serve return pick a big
target. Go to the middle or try to hit crosscourt off both sides. Why crosscourt? If I go
crosscourt on my forehand towards the opponent’s forehand over there
and I’m a little bit late my ball is going to go maybe two his
backhand. But if I try to go inside out and I’m
late my ball is going to be out. Same thing
here, if I go down the line with my backhand return if I’m a little bit late it’s going to
be out, If I go crosscourt and I’m a little bit
late then it’s going to go in the court. It is a first serve, it is coming fast, so it’s easy to be late. So, by going
crosscourt or picking a big target in the middle you make sure that you’re making a lot
more returns

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Dennis Veasley

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