I though the event was great and was grate to exchange the ball with you Was great A new experience because we never seen Paralympic games Yes Paralympics A cool tour at school We exchange ball it was very good It was great Basketball with us also Passing the ball. Okay? It was great We should have more things like this here Here. Do you like Gustavo Quartel? Yes? Quartel is good? Yes? And Reid, Renê or Quartel? That is handsome Quartel or Reid? Reid Quartel? Reid? Quartel? Well, today we are lucky we just met those young kids just like all starting tennis Two years ago and we just just had the great experience here in Leblon to play all together So, I would like to thank everybody for organizing such a nice event and specially you guys Thank you very much Thank you very much Very good Thank you Okay, see you later now for another adventure with the kids of Rio

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Dennis Veasley

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