So, now let’s talk about the follow-through. So, go up — you swing up, and then you pronate, and then the follow-through is across the front of your body, so. Now when you, when you, when you bend your knees, to push off into the ball, and leave the ground — you find that, naturally, you’ll end up landing on your
left foot — your front — you know, the foot that was in, in front — so if you’re left-handed, it’s the
opposite foot — but for right handers — push off, and you’ll end up on your left foot. So you’ll end up on your left foot, and kick your right foot out, back — in order to help with your balance. Because if you, if you do this, and, you know, you bring this foot forward, you’ll pitch forward onto your nose. So you find out, you watch, look at the
pros in slo-mo, you see them land on their left foot, and their back foot will be where, well, way kicked out, and their upper body will be bent forward a bit — as, as they do this — right. And then, they recover, on their, right foot. So it’s like: up — leave the ground — land on the left foot — you know, with… Leave the ground — land on the left foot,
with a foot kicked back, and then land here. And that’s their recovery. So, that just
takes practice, and you’ll find it natural — when I first started to trying to land on my foot — when I first did it — I noticed that they were, they were going
up, and they were landing on a foot — I thought maybe it was the right foot, so I came around, and tried to land on my right foot, and it just felt terrible. So if you find yourself feeling terrible, you might go like, “Oh — it’s my right foot I’m landing
on instead of the left — so it’s the left foot, for right-handers.

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Dennis Veasley

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