Let’s talk a little bit more about, getting that arm way up. When you get the arm up — we can do from the side, like the
net’s here — when you get the arm up, way up — and you, you pull it up, and you pull up
this shoulder, and this one goes down to drop the racket even further — notice my hip going out. If my, my, my shoe is right up against the, the sideline — let’s say here’s the sideline — all right — there’s the sideline — and so I get my my foot there, you know, and if I do this, and then I go this, and, like, and, and pull the arm way up, and the hip goes out — you can see, the hip is out, past the baseline. My coach, that I had a lesson from, on this, said — he calls that, jokingly: a hip-fault — you know, so it’s like, your hip is going across the line — just as if you, you went to serve, and you stepped across line — that would be foot-fault — he, he calls this jokingly, a hip fault — because your hip is going over the line. That’s what you want to do. As I say — that really helps, you know, set up the spring action to swing up
into the ball — that keeps you upper body upright — and so your, your racket is, is
going to go up, and not prematurely be pulled down, by, by getting your upper
body folding over.

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Dennis Veasley

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