So, what, now we’ll talk about ball
contact. So take the racket back and change grips. And you drop the racket
down low, in order to do the your low-to-high. So you hit out in front — it’s an
arms-length out in front; if I do it from the other side, if I say I’m going to do it
this way: take it down low, and you hit it out in front. Notice my arm’s relatively straight. The racket face is basically at right angles. if you’re going to hit a high shot, you basically take it back. And, and do this again — it’s a pendulum, so you start with a relatively vertical racket face; pendulum, but facing the direction
the ball is coming in, that you’re going to hit the ball at. And then do this; and hit. The follow-through? The follow-through is basically the windshield-wiper again. Just like on the forehand where wrist
rollover doesn’t work — if you roll your wrist over on the backhand you
have the same exact problem: timing the ball — you can’t time the ball exactly at
ball arrival. In the contact zone, and if you roll the wrist over, you can either hit it up ->too long; you get lucky, and hit it right, and you think: “I just got to practice this”, which
isn’t going to work, because you’re rolling it over, and because it’s a slow ball, down into the
ground, or into the net. So you have to do the windshield-wiper follow-through. So, once you’re into the contact zone, you raise the racket like this. So you’re, like you’re doing a windshield-wiper. Let’s see if we can do it from the front. So here, take it back, and windshield-wiper. So that’s the follow-through. So the end of the follow-through — so you, so you’re taking the racket back, drop it down, do your windshield-wiper finish. That’s your finish. So you notice the arm’s straight
the whole way, pretty much — you go out there so you, you, you get the, the racket at right angles, roughly, to your arm; hitting out in front. Do the windshield wiper here, like so. Your arm here is straight out, and your
racket’s 90 degrees, facing back toward the back fence. So that’s what it looks
like, so it looks like, like that. If you’re hitting a higher ball, of course; so
you have a slightly, slightly different follow-through. And if you swing hard, you can have even more, more getting, go down there. But you don’t want to overdo that, because you can hurt yourself — you don’t want to over-rotate, because you can strain something.

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Dennis Veasley

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