the solution I’m losing I’m springing racket since 40 years I’ve done around 600 tournaments as official stringer with libera people believe like the ball touch the string slide and then touch the frame no boy effect comes from the friction from the strength more friction more boy affect the thickness of the frame doesn’t pay any role at all this is a dragon killing more tension more power no totally wrong in tennis if you have a lot of tension the streambed is extremely tight the bow is not able to move the string absorb energy so you don’t have power so if you want power you have to decrease the tension to less tension then you have another problem that’s no more control because the trampoline effect is too fast then maybe you’re not good enough to play with such a weapon like this this is a dragon again heli multifilament is not durable yes and no yes if you use it the right way that’s it in construction is not made for durability extreme durability you have polyester but the filament is made with a very thin thin filament of polyamide so it is made for elasticity if we have to kill one dragon monofilament is made for everyone oh that’s the strength everyone can use a totally wrong monofilament polyester is only made for one thing extreme durability extreme durability again is a fine adult is the player with a lot of topspin those players male and female they are strong enough to bend it to develop a certain energy if you are a young kid you’re not strong enough physically to bent it natural gate is only for being not politically correct for old people no absolutely not for example along a host we have 40 percent of the players they play with I breed and the hybrid is made with natural gut they are not old there are less than 30 years old clapping look up technique minimis you

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Dennis Veasley

19 thoughts on “Tennis stringing myths busted!”

  1. A stringing legend when I started in 1985 and he is still regarded with sainthood by top stringers, a much respected "stringing guru" Liam 

  2. He makes it sound like you have to have pro athlete with guns like Nadal to use full poly. BEEEEEP that's a dragon and I'm killin that one. I'd say highschool or experienced middleschooler and up is fine for full poly. If you're a baseliner and love taking big cuts and producing lots of spin then try them out. I had used a poly/synthetic hybrid string setup and I wasn't very consistent with it. I picked up a co-poly "gamma moto 17g" for my graphene speed pro and I have absolutely loved it. I was hammering serves and able to get amazing spin and kick to my shots. It also has really good durability compared to others from what I hear. I got it strung in late December and I am now(April) beginning to notice that the tension has gotten a bit too loose to shrug off and the performance I'm getting now is definitely not as good as when they were first strung. I play club tennis for my college and we practice 3 times a week except I haven't been able to make the majority of them. Vokl Cyclone is another that's supposed to be good. Test different string out though. Everyone drools over the RPM blast / VS gut hybrid but I didn't like them too well. Don't let this dude tell you what strings you should / shouldn't use, find out yourself.

  3. "People believe that the ball slides and then touches the frame." uhh what? Who thinks this? Certainly no one that has ever played tennis.

  4. Some of these "dragons" are bullshit. Who thinks the ball slides from the strings and touches the frame? Who thinks higher tension gives you power?

  5. wish I found this about 3 days ago when I was being educated by a parent that their 12 y/o should be using poly and I didn't know what I was on about. I've copied and pasted it to him. We can but hope he learns something.

  6. It is traditional thinking that thinner string has better bite and spin of a ball. But, would thicker string has more contact volume with the ball; thus, thicker string creates more rotations?

  7. I wish that you could make strings like the Rafael Nadal RPM blast have an additional colour where the strings are mainly green (same sort of green as the rackets) and black logo.

  8. A thicker beam gives you more power the thicker the beam, the more power, the thinner the beam, the more control and less power it gives you. So in contest, you could say that a thicker beam might give you more spin because a thick beam would be lighter and more powerful, making you swing faster and give you more power to generate. The other side is that, if you hit it too hard, you'll get your spin, but you'll over hit. It depends on your playing style and level. Players lie Djokovic play with a Head Speed Pro, which has a thinner beam, and the string pattern is closed (18 x 20) which means, less ball pocketing from the string bed and less power from the racket beam, but a player like Djokovic, who is a big hitter, has a lot of power to generate on his own, which also gives him the spin he needs out of a 18x 20 so a thick beam will give him too much power. If you are a big hitter and need accuracy, a thinner beam, and you will eventually generate more spin. If you are a recreational beginner/intermediate, then thicker beam will give you more spin because it will give you more power which is what you need.

  9. Multi is too soft and overly powerful, poly too stiff and loses tension. Cheap Nylon is right in the middle and holds tension so well. But nobody likes :)?

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