Hi everyone! Tactical tip…when you play
matches of course there’s many different ways to win matches. If you’re
simply just more consistent than your opponent you’re going to beat them. If you’re playing somebody at a higher level or somebody who’s as good as you
are, you’re going to have to either hit a bit bigger than they do or you’re going
to have to hit a bit earlier than they do. If you’re more or less at the same
level. So the only way to take time away from your opponent is to hit the ball a
little bit harder than they do or hit the ball earlier than they do! Hitting
the ball harder is not that easy because you know it takes a lot of time and a
lot of practice to speed your racket up and be consistent!
Hitting the ball earlier is also a challenge but this may be a little bit
easier than hitting the ball bigger. So what I suggest you do
is start to practice a little not just from behind the baseline but also
moving closer to the baseline and even a little bit inside the baseline if you’re
playing at that level. If you’re a 4.0/5.0 level player
you should be able to take balls a little bit earlier, what I mean by that
is you know you can let the ball bounce and and come down to your strike zone.
So you can let the bounce here and wait for it to come down to your strike
zone remember we always want to hit in our strike zone or you can hit the ball
before it gets out of your strike zone. So of course there’s a huge
advantage to that. Watch the professional players that’s what they
try to do because at that level you know everybody can play. So how do you really
take your opponent’s time away? You play a little bit earlier than they do. So now
if I wait back here of course the ball is going to come down to my
strike zone and you’ll have plenty of time to prepare from that side but if I
if I step up and I hit the ball as it’s rising into my strike zone now, all
of a sudden you don’t have that much time to respond just because I’m playing
earlier than you do!

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Dennis Veasley

4 thoughts on “Tennis Strategy: Taking The Ball Earlier”

  1. When I try to hit early and on the rise, as a righty, with my forehand the ball tends to go high and out on the side line and on my side of the net. As though, I am too early, out in front and the strings pointing slightly up and towards the left net post. Any advice on correcting this issue? Thanks!

  2. Hitting balls on the rise, requires a higher level of skill IMO. Unfortunately I am not at the level yet. I tend to approach the ball as it hits the court and I have tendency to hit half volleys off them or I tend to approach the balls too face on and not on the side. Any tips on my problems? Thanks!!

  3. Absolutely great!! Take the ball as early as possible, with short backswing = more power and will throw your opponent into a panic (usually). The key is not to rush your shot. You don't have to since you're taking the ball early and thus taking time away from your opponent. This is really an important tactic as he says, when you're opponent is as good as you!

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