don’t tell anybody how much fun we’re having out here the kids that are here they have these memories forever they have a fun tennis clinic but for them
it really does impact them to meet the players do you remember your first tennis memory as a kid? yeah when I was a kid I was a ball kid for the Davis Cup and it was the first time I was able
to meet professional tennis player and I had the chance to play with them and it’s a big
memory and they motivate you so much to play tennis well actually I started tennis I was seven eight
now some kids start at four or five but my best memory I started in Tunisia
obviously where my family was and I was the only girl playing between
so many little boys it’s funny because now the first time
it was with my coach and now he’s coaching me so it’s really funny
and now he’s picking the ball up for me it’s come full circle and I was actually pretty good so I was
beating the boys who were not happy at all so my memory was that actually women can be
strong and powerful so that was a very good one dad built the tennis court in our backyard
I was maybe three years old and to keep me from running around the court and distracting
his games he kept me tethered to the net post and then I hurt my neck because I
was like this dad when am I going to get in? and I would run and I would go nowhere

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Dennis Veasley

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