Hello! Gregg Le Sueur for Online Tennis
Instruction. Today I’m going to show you a proper way to use the sock. Now the sock is
a great way for you to work on your serve, helps you to develop a continuous
motion but also you can work on the right throwing mechanics because the
sock will give you feedback. So just to go over a few things here. In the
beginning the serve we talk about starting in this position and then
we get the racket to pointing to the outside, we start this right-to-left
movement here. So if you look from the side you’ll see how I bend from my elbow, my
racket goes slightly over my head in this position and the racket is pointing
slightly forward. So when you use the sock you want to make sure you are still
copying that same motion. A lot of people turn the sock
this way so they’re actually you put the racket in their hand, they’re actually doing this
with the racket when they’re using the sock that way. We want to
encourage this movement! So what you want to do is put three balls
in the sock like this and hold it just above the balls and think of bringing the
balls over your bicep. So I want to keep my knuckles to the sky you look from the
side here, my elbow is below my shoulder and I’m just gonna bring the sock over
my bicep this way. You notice how my palm is down and my elbows slightly below my
shoulder. So you want to start with just this movement here and then from there
you want to progress to now making that move and then twisting upwards. Now when
you first start to do this you may find yourself going here almost stopping and
then coming up. But you certainly want to progress it to where the sock
continues to move because if you open your palm up, what will happen the sock
will hit you in the back and it’ll give you instant feedback that you’re probably
opening the racket. And also if you have a stop in your motion the
sock will come to halt and again hit you! So want to have the continuous motion so
you can carry the momentum all the way up to contact so ideally when you start
the sock, start it this way bring it over your bicep and then twist up and you make a circle out in front
you can carry the momentum. The tricky part is about getting it started
sometimes it may go back, I like to start in this position I come over my bicep
and twist up make a big circle in front and
continue to do this. You can see I’m developing a nice fluid, continuous
motion. The great thing about this you can keep this in your tennis bag. It’ll give
you a nice warm up but also you can do it some way at home so you can even
practice your serve even when you’re not out on the tennis court. Now if I grab my
racket and if I match the path of the the sock the swing, you’ll see how I’m
going this way it’s going over my bicep, and i’m continuing the momentum into the
drop. I get to this position then I twist up! You’ll see how now I’m practicing the
correct motion using the sock which is an excellent tool to help you to
work on your serve!

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Dennis Veasley

3 thoughts on “Tennis Serve Tip: Use The Sock For More SERVE POWER”

  1. amazing video it’s very difficult to learn the tennis serve , you really break it down in a simple way that helps us understand the swing path – thank you !!

  2. Hi, i always wanted to buy the serve master but its kinda expensive. By using this socks, is it almost similar to the serve master? or is it good enough fpr practise? i always having problem for my serve and my racket will not drop and elbow, it always be like waiter serve. Please advice me

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