In this clip we’re going to show you the full
motion of a serve and you have some players that are almost extreme with their forehand
grip on the serve and this is what that looks like just so you can know. You see how my
racket face is already flat. It doesn’t really allow spence. It’s really hard in fact in
hitting spence. So what I tell players to do is if they’re not quite comfortable going
all the way the continental grip to go half way. So we’re going to go more of an eastern
to almost a eastern slash continental grip, almost a continental grip O.k? and then you
can kind of inch your way over there. So what I’m going to do I’m going to have you, I’m
going to show you a slice serve where I go around the ball and I’m also hitting just
a little bit to the side of the grip and that’s your continental grip. So, I’m going go around
this ball, feel like I’m throwing the racket edge to the ball and then that’s going to
create the side spin making the ball go from right to left for a right get that spin. Right
here and I’m going around the ball. So what you want to do, is you want to feel like your
racket edge, and that’s the reason for this grip is because you didn’t have that grip
you had a foreign grip. Your racket face would be like this. How can you throw the racket
edge? You can’t. So this racket is now turned to the true or around the continental grip
at least so you can get your racket edge to the ball making your, creating your spin side
wise to hit the slice. What you want to do is, a lot of time you’ll hit it too far to
the left with a slice initially because you’re used to opening your body. So what you have
to do is you have to adjust. You have to bring your target over a little more. I’ll show
you that. For example if a couple too far to the left with the slice then I just make
my target further over or I turn my body a little bit more and there’s my slice serve.
You’re on around the ball, you’re on my racket edge, the ball the racket is pretty fast and
again your getting this spin that’s going right to left and it’s working into the body
sometimes. It just makes for a real good spencer and it also helps you get the ball in because
the ball is doing a little difficult sport.

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Dennis Veasley

7 thoughts on “Tennis Serve & Return Tips : Tennis Slice Serve from Baseline”

  1. when it says half continental grip that means your racket is tilted upwards kind of and your racket is 45 degrees clockwise…?

  2. So it,s hitting the back of the ball and going across ? Throwing the racquet away from where your serving to ?

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