In this clip what we’re going to show you
is the kick serve or the top spin serve and how to use this effectively to be more consistent.
Also, to use it sometimes for a first serve. It’s just that spin serve that gives you more
margin of error. Also, makes the ball jump up high to your opponent. A lot of times the
back end side, your real effective serve. This is Gustavo Sanchez right here. He has
a really huge second serve. He’s not warmed up yet. He’s going to show you the basics,
the idea of it. What we’re going to do is we’re going to show you how he’s contacting
the ball. Along the lines with the slice, how we went to the edge to the edge of the
racket of the ball. You’re going to do the same thing, but you’re going to come up this
way. Basically going from 6 to 12. Brush up and still throwing your racket out. Throw
your racket up to the ball. Very important, again. Going to the edge. He’s going to show
you kind of in half motion of how you would even approach this. Gustavo is going to hit
a couple of serves here. See how he’s going up on the ball. He’s brushing up. He still
pronates a little bit or turns the racket in. Also look and see where he’s finishing.
The racket is coming around to the side and he’s throwing his racket in this direction.
Almost like he’s throwing it to the side of the court. That’s the idea on this kick serve.
We slice serve we went around this way. The kick serve you have to get it over your head
a little more and go up. Will you hit a slice and then a kick serve. Gustavo is going to
show you a slice. See where the toss is. The toss is a little more out to the right. Now
he’s going to show you the kick serve. Notice where the kick serve toss is. Very important
to be able to locate that toss and that direction for your kick serve.

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58 thoughts on “Tennis Serve & Return Tips : Tennis Kick Serve”

  1. Dude, if you knew the reality to all of this, nobody actually hits it at 7 and hits up. Nobody generates anything even close to a real topspin serve (Sampras was the closest, which explains how heavy his serve was).

    Nobody has anything close to the capability of hitting the ball at 6 to 12. Like I said, Sampras was the closest and he has the best shoulder EVER for this kind of thing.

  2. I agree with Purgatory. Locating your toss will not only give away the serve but makes it really difficult to place that toss consistently at the location that supposed to be ideal for you to hit. You should try to hit all different serves with the same toss. It sounds crazy but it will be better on the long run because you don't tinker around with locations, just the way you swing or make contact with parts of the ball on different serves.

  3. Does anyone else have the days you get most of your serves in with lots of spin. Then the next day you can't serve to save your life.

  4. ya that happens in video games too… i was powning some noobs on halo 3 one day and i was in the zone.. then the next day i was getting t bagged every second.. blows..

  5. I use a western grip for my topspin and for my kick serve. It's kindof difficult for my slices(main spin for me) but it makes it a lot easier for my backhand slice. so 3/4 isn't bad. I would suggest using a western grip for all around play. but if you do use a slice serve, use an eastern grip for the serve.

  6. I would say continental is nice, but what I have learned for more power is to move it to the left a little bit so the racquet is tilted outward a bit. I actually found this to be Really helpful in control and power despite it being a bit uncomfortable at the start.

  7. that guy doesnt hit a kick serve he hits a twist… people say its the same but the difference is in a kick serve it goes straight up but in a twist i jumps to the opposite side of a slice.

  8. @neepathius. When hitting groundstrokes, do you still wait for the ball to drop down before hitting it so you can hear the beautiful sound of hitting? ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. I still need to work on the kick serve a lot. Of course, its always going in and bouncing high, but that is completely useless. Play somebody that knows how to play, and that person will squash your serve with a on the rise shot. The secret is, in this serve isn't all just topspin, its where you place it. A serve with passable spin on the line is more threatening than one with tremendous topspin on the middle of the box. That only applies to hard court though, clay makes it pop even more.

  10. I prefer slice and shorter serves for my second serve because many players can actually attack the kick serve more than they would a slice.

  11. Good tip, I'll be trying this next time on the court since serving is my weak point, so hopefully this wil work for me!

  12. @69SKE69 It's pretty much essential to change the toss for different serves. You'll find very few players (including serves) can hit multiple serves from the same toss. This is especially true when it comes to the kick serve, and the ball being behind the head is necessary to get the kick on it without hitting it in the net. The kick serve is most widely used as a second serve (given it's reliability when hit well) and won't come as a surprise even if disguised.

  13. this video is the video that I credit for teaching me how to hit the kick serve. Ever since I watched this first video, I've really become acclimated to the feel of the kick serve, and I never feel worried when hitting it as a second serve. Plus, i've learned how to add more power and place it better as well. Before this, I resorted to dinking my second serves over the net, but now I know what I'm supposed to do and it has become very consistent.

  14. @69SKE69

    Ignorant people should seal their mouths. So then why is it common knowledge to toss the ball slightly behind your head when hitting a kick serve.

  15. @lilvietsolja it's technically holding a single handed backhand grip, that's the grip you're talking about for more spin and power

  16. @69SKE69 What are you talking about you have to change the toss by a little. How would you hit a kick serve when the ball is right in front of you or a slice serve? Yeah I don't think so. The point of a kick serve is so your opponent doesn't get a easy second serve its not supposed to be a weapon.

  17. if i get it consistant would i be able to use as a good 2nd? i want to do kick, but i have a really nice flat serve

  18. WTF HE MAKES IT LOOK SO EASY,damn i still have fucking inconsistant kickserves,i guess i 'll try tht method and slowly progress

  19. Everyone uses continental grip for serves but i use eastern. So im assuming im using the wrong grip but wen i try to use continental, it feels very uncomfortable. What do i do? Can i stick with eastern to serve?

  20. @Kiasko Eastern FOREHAND or BACKHAND? Eastern forehand is a bad habit and should be discontinued ASAP. Eastern backhand is a good grip for spin serves.

  21. @Kiasko i understand your problem and went through the same phase. I'm assuming u use the same grip that u use to hit a forehand and yes continental does feel awkward and the first time using it the ball probably flys in the wrong direction. This is because when u use this grip the biggest change is pronating (twisting) your wrist so that the racket face faces the area that you want to hit the ball at contact point. watch this video. /watch?v=M9jyuC1wMF8 if u are confused.

  22. Thanks a million, for explaining the real technique "6-12 brushing ". Soon after I watched this video, I practiced for 2 hours, to get a 'kick' off it :). Super duper happy. I can now rely on my second serve, with continental. Will still need to work on getting a good speed along with it, though.

  23. @MeltedButterCorp All pros use the continental grip or beyond (to the backhand side). Nobody uses the eastern forehand grip for serving since Boris Becker. Nadal CLEARLY uses continental.

  24. I've only been playing tennis properly for around a year and have found that my play is extremely inconsistent. Some days I will be the best player on court by far, beating people with 20 years experience without a problem, but other days it appears I've never played tennis in my life. This is amplified by my serve. Some days my serve is quality and others I struggle to hit 2nd serves in let alone 1st's. I need a definite technique to improve consistency, anyone have any tips for me? thanks!

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