In this clip we’re going to show you when
to use the kick serve and especially on the add side, it can be very very effective. It’s
a little bit easier of a serve for the kicker versus the T on the do side. Because you have
this angle, you’re bodies a little more naturally rotated to get it out wide. So Gustavo’s going
to show you how to get this wide kicker and you use this to get your opponent off the
court. I use this quite a bit, even on my first serve just to get them off the court
and get them pulled wide. Hopefully getting them to release that one handed back hand
and get out of their hitting zone. So that wide serve with a kick serve. See how he jumps
high. Good job. Now here, he’s going to get this one even a little bit further out. Really
getting it wide. That’s it. This ball will go towards the corner and really get your
opponent off the court. That’s the one right there. That’s the one. That ball was jumping.
Extremely high, so then at the other side, you’ll see your opponent do this. How many
of you are comfortable hitting that higher back hand? Whether it’s two hand or a one
hand. It’s not very comfortable. It’s a very very effective serve. It’s not weak by any
means. Good to use it on a first serve and it can be a very offensive serve. A lot of
people serve and volley on it as well. Let’s see a little serve and volley action right
here. How do you do that? Right there, go in, getting that body cross court. That’s
going to be right down, right cross court away from your opponent. So it’s a good one,
two. Hit one away and hit the other one across court and kind of play. A little strategy
with your serves. Right there and you’ll hit that ball across court. Boom, see where that
ball went? That’s the idea right there. Great game plan, you have to be smart with your

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Dennis Veasley

10 thoughts on “Tennis Serve & Return Tips : Tennis 1st Serve Kick Strategy”

  1. kick should land all the way at the side of the ad court. so when it bounce it will kick away. so the opponent will try to reach it with backhand. but all he did lands on the middle almost.

  2. He was aiming and (somewhat consistently) hitting the corner.

    And for a first serve, you shouldn't aim the kick serve into the corner. You should aim for the sideline to go for either an ace, or a really weak ball that you have a lot of options on.

    For a second serve, you should throw it to the corner since it's easier and more consistent, but I sometimes throw it wide as well to get second serve aces or easy second serve points. If the person is a bad returner, it's a free ace.

  3. Well if you aim down the line, that's straight to the opponents forehand, (on ad side) AND normally the forehand is usually the strongest area for most players. AND especially with a kick serve first serve, you shouldn't aim it up the T on ad-side, you're just asking for a return winner, or setup.

  4. wow this dude has some amazing kick serve, just because of this video im starting to learn how to topspin serve. so thx guys for these videos!

  5. The American Twist is a variation of the kick serve. It has a lot more of a curve to it and a less predictable kick. If you watch Federer's kick serve aces in his highlights, they're mainly american twists.

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