In this clip we’re going to talk to you about
the American Twist Serve. You might have heard you know Sampras use this quite a bit, Andre
Agassi use this quite a bit, a lot of players on actually on tour, but they use them on
specific serves, certain locations. This is the American Twist, a lot more advanced, it’s
pretty tough but the idea is you’re getting the combination between slice and top spin.
For top spin you’re going from six to twelve, going straight up. For slice, you’re going
to be hitting that three o’clock, that right side position right there. So now you’re going
to be trying to hit in between, maybe two o’clock, maybe one o’clock right there. Trying
to go up at an angle to create the ball to go sideways, hit the ground, and then come
out. So that the ball is still going to dip in the court but it’s supposed to hit the
ground then come out a little bit. I’ll do a slow motion version of this. Now that ball
should come out a little bit. There we go, it’s going to have a little bit of a jump.
Once you start getting more racket speed and more movement on it, and again you have to
hit the right angle. If you don’t get the right angle it’s just going to be a normal
kick serve, like those kind of were. So what we’re going to do right here, is going to
get these, I’m going to try to get that kicker out more. There we go, a little bit of jump
out wide, a little bit of a curve. Right there, yeah that one was a nice one right there and
it jumped out, you have that twist so. The idea is to get the ball to, to get them to
go from here and then get them to reach out in that high backhand, the ball is actually
spinning away from them a little bit more. So again, the important thing on this one,
just like you’re hitting the kicker, if you don’t have the kicker then don’t attempt this,
it’s pretty tough. You’re going at an angle, not straight up and not around, more at an
angle. Trying to hit that angle on your serve to get this American Twist to be able to jump
out. That is the America Twist. Good luck with it.

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “Tennis Serve & Return Tips : American Twist Serve in Tennis”

  1. @NO1xANIMExFAN if you had enough rpm on the ball, it is possible but it would require a car engine or something to cause that spin. no arm can generate that.

  2. Of course this is possible, I use this serve often in matches it is a great serve to have in your arsenal if you can do it. I am glad to see someone teaching this serve!

  3. @Luis10Luffy pobre maricon de mierda jejeje es broma igual la mayoria de gente que vio este video lo ve por ryoma

  4. @funnyduck40 The kick serve is a topspin serve. The twist serve is a SPECIFIC kick serve. It has a small sidespin component that allows it to break rightward upon bounce. There's sometimes a third kind of kick serve (has topspin). It has a larger sidespin component, with an even ratio of topspin to sidespin. That's the topspin-slice serve that behaves like a regular slice serve. Curves left and continues left upon bounce. That's the spin pros use on their first serve.

  5. @ahmedbdhaif 6 to 12 is only a concept. because, when hitting a serve, the servers arm brush up and out away from the body in the dominant hands direction, most players hit from 7 to 1 or 8 to 2 this gives side spin that allows for variations as well. so yeah 6 to 12 is not the right thing to do

  6. the twist serve is possible O.O i did my own style. i change a bit about the slice by not using it. lets just do like ur smashing except you put enough top spin. well, it only works twice in my game.

  7. @lblbates It;s amazing how Prince of Tennis Effected so many people I was a tennis player already, but when I watched it I was wanting to do half of the shots.

  8. @pinkpanther31 it is possible :), I have a player at my club who did a twist serve that nearly hit me in the face as I am a southpaw (Lefty) lol, so is the Hadoukyuu (Kawamura), Moon Volley (oishi) and other one lol.
    The only impossibles moves that I haven't ever seen in real life is the Spot tennis by Ibu Shinji and Tezuka Zone lol

  9. @Cloud6312 teach me zero shiki drop shot serve please. also super mega ultra delicious arashi mega well u know kintaro shot lol

  10. @Cloud6312 yea zero shiki drop shot is way too difficult , imagine about dat serve….
    XD i know about super mega ……..
    cool drive GG

  11. @MapleJumpQuest I would to have a zero shiki serve XD lmao that would to be epic to watch you opponent just stand there in shock…. WAIT there is a guy who can do the zero shiki zero – Andy Roddick 😀 lmfao watch?v=yXL-gtksKY8 hahaha

  12. None of us can Ryoma, unless your ball spins like a top on the floor for 2 seconds, and hits my face, mada mada dane.

  13. I,ve only just learnt a slice serve , I am a lefty and for some reason from right to left it,s topspin and left to right it,s slice, sure il get used to it thought !

  14. well, a kicker is normally a top spin serve that bounces high, a twist serve gives the ball more "twist", making it bounce more to the left side of your opponent. it is used mostly in a second serve (safer serve), but the goal is to have your opponent reach out for the ball (making them out of position)

  15. the kick isn't that great, but the first time a public court player sees it, it will hit him in the chest. haha

  16. Ok well , I ,ve got a slice serve and I,ve got a kick serve but my kick is real weak , the Kick is a monster , but it,s slow as ass .

  17. My slice is pretty good thought and I can do a real extreme slice sometimes . How can I get a better kick serve ? I try do the same ball toss for kick as I don,t want it to be obvious

  18. I,ve seen a good coach and I have a kick serve ( of sorts ) now . Doesn't go to the side all that much but it does bounce high . Slice serve . I am not really sure if I quite have the mechanics of a good slice serve yet , sometimes I get them right and they go really wide . I seem to have a slightly loopy slice serve . If I hit it on the forhand side really hard it works sometimes.

  19. Prince of tennis ! 1st episode twist serve !
    me wth is this O.o not real…
    watched this video IMMA LEARN THAT SHIZ ! xD

  20. I have a slice serve with topspin, and I can variate them as I want. But it never jumps to the right. Any tips?!?

  21. Im sorry, I mean spin. And I do all mixtures between topspin and side spin, but it always goes left. I can even hit with topspin (pretty much) and no sidespin and it doesn't kick to the right, but stays straight. What am I doing wrong?

  22. Oh god. I guess I'm not the only person who was trying to be like Ryoma…
    sigh Mada Mada dane. But man, I was wishing for the twist serve to hit someone's face.  Man, Ryoma's twist serve is so cool!

  23. I was totally searching "how to do a twist serve" just for fun to see if any of the Prince of Tennis techniques were real. But dang, that serve is slow…… you can't hit someone in the face with that……. they have too much time to dodge!

  24. I have a kick serve , a pretty decent one ( mainly second serve thought) how the hell do you get it to jump out to the right as a right hander ? I did'nt think that was possible. I am a lefty. I can get it to go out to the right but how did you get it to curve right as a righty ?

  25. Interesting too see the ball kicking out in that direction . Wonder how on earth you could get it too spin out that way if you are imparting slice . I know it is somewhere between slice and topspin but still.

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