I Feel like a mushroom pretty well we’ve stay extra after practice sometimes we play 21 and place the full bike against each other and Compete, and it’s really fun to be able to compete against each other and have a great time, so it’s been really fun enjoyable So our team goal I’d say one of them Is that every year if you have a good record something you can go to the PAC West Conference in? Arizona so our goals last couple years We’ve only been making it to the first round and we lost I think our goal this year tonight is that we need to make it past the first round get a little deeper make it even to the third round fourth round and Make you even Father because it’s a really good team this journey. That’s what makes it so exciting Our team strengths is that I think we’re gonna be very deep this year compared to last couple years Everyone seems pretty solid around some level or if not just to maybe something a little higher a little lower, so I’d say Our team strength would be how deep you are how everyone is going to make a difference? It’s not just one person standing out everyone’s going to shine Our team model is all in so every practice every match we put everything we got into it I’m most excited to play with the new girls on the team I feel like we have a variety of skill sets on the team, and I definitely think it’s gonna mesh well for a good I’m looking forward to playing Sonoma because they always bring the Competition and I definitely feel like we have a good chance of beating them this year

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Dennis Veasley

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