What’s your favorite sport? Well, if you’re
looking to buy vintage sporting goods, you’ll need to pick one. Today I’ve picked tennis.
What’s appealing about this wooden tennis racquet is that the lacquer is still in good
condition, the strings are intact, the leather grip feels good, it looks nice, and it only
cost me fifteen bucks. It’s a Bancroft and based on the fact that it’s got a fiberglass
overlay for reinforcement, plus it’s the executive style and I’ve looked up the model
number here it’s from the early 1970s. While this tennis racquet isn’t necessarily
a collector’s ace, it’s really great because it’s a cheap way to incorporate some sporting
nostalgia into your home décor. Even ones with broken strings can look great on a wall
and it’s all a matter of preference. To get one restrung is probably going to cost
you more than what you originally paid for it. Another way to narrow down this huge collecting
field is to think of who your favorite legend is and focus your search on what brand of
equipment they used. I mean their styles were pretty amazing, right? Vintage tennis racquets
are pretty cheap because they’re easy to come by, but just because it isn’t rare
doesn’t mean it isn’t cool. Big time tennis collectors are going to look for older racquets.
Maybe ones from the golden age of tennis in the 1920s and even before or ones that
are from special limited series or even those signed or owned by famous players. What kind
of vintage sporting goods do you like to decorate with? Maybe it’s golf clubs, skis, snow
shoes. Share in the comments.

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Dennis Veasley

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