Hi, my name’s Lincoln Ward. I’m the director
of the Austin Tennis Center here in Austin, Texas, as well as a U.S.P.T.A. certified teaching
pro. Today we’re gonna…we’re going to talk about labeling the parts of your tennis racket.
Generally, on all rackets, you’re going to have the head of the racket up here. The face
of the racket right here. The throat or the neck in this…in this area right here. The
grip, or the handle. And, the butt cap of the racket. A couple more….more details
about your tennis racket, you have a grip that’s wrapped around the handle. You have
the strings that are weaved in the face of your racket. You also have the grommet system,
which….which runs…these little holes that…that you’re able to weave the strings in and out
of the frame of your racket, as well as a rubber head guard that fits on the top of
your racket to help protect the frame as well as the strings. As well as a Vibra Zorb. This
racket has a separate Vibra Zorb that you can…you can put on or take off your racket.
It’s just to add more vibration dampening into your racket. Nowadays many rackets are
actually built with the…with the vibration dampening system inside the…the throat of
your racket. That’s…that’s the labeling the different parts of the tennis racket.

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