Hi my name is Lincoln Ward. I’m the director
of the Austin Tennis Center here in Austin, Texas as well as a USPTA Certified Teaching
Pro. Today we are going to talk about how to correctly hit a tennis ball. The general
rules to correctly hitting a tennis ball is making contact in front of your body over
your front foot, watching the ball bounce up and move into your strings, making contact
in the sweet spot of your racket and following through. When you hit the ball you are going
to start with your racket back, swing in to make contact, following through up above your
shoulder. A general rule of thumb is starting low and finishing high. You don’t necessarily
have to hit the ball hard as long as you make contact in that sweet spot, your racket acts
as a trampoline setting the ball skyrocketing back. It is good to use your opponent’s power
against them. You don’t have to generate your own power, just ricochet the ball back. If
you have ever hit against a back board, nobody ever beats a back board, it is stationary
you are the one hanging the ball back at it, the ball bounces off the wall and comes right
back every single time. So again you don’t have to swing hard to correctly hit a tennis
ball, you want to make sure you watch that ball, have it come up to the sweet spot of
your racket, follow through low to high and finish your stroke up here. That’s how to
correctly hit a tennis ball.

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