Hi. My name is Lincoln Ward. I’m the director
of the Austin Tennis Center here in Austin, Texas. Today, we’re going to talk about how
to keep score in tennis. There’s keeping score on the point, the game and the set, as well
as the match. That’s basically broken down to game count which, any time you win a point,
you know, you can get that point. Any time the ball bounces twice, you win a point. Now,
in the game, there’s two different ways to keep score. There’s no-add and regular scoring.
You want to be the first to win four points, generally, to win either version. However,
regular scoring has a little bit more to it. Once each team scores at least three points,
you want to win by two. So, the player has to win two points more than their opponent
to win that particular game. You also call the score out a little bit differently. Instead
of one, two, three, four, as you would in no-add scoring, you would actually use 15
for one point. 30 would be two points. 40 would be three points, and of course, game
is four points. Now, if each player has two points or 30-30, you can also say, “30 all”,
or “15 all”. If a player has no points, you can call it, “love”. Now, once both players
have three points or 40 all, we also call it deuce. That means you still have to win
by two points. If the server wins the next point, it’s the server’s advantage. If the
receiver wins the next point, it’s the receiver’s advantage. The next point will win the game,
unless the other person wins that next point, which would go back to deuce. Again, you have
to win by two points to win in a regular game. Now, to win a set, you want to be the first
person or team to win six games. Of course, win by two as well. Once both players get
six games, you play what we call a tie breaker. You won’t play anymore unless you’re at Wimbledon.
To win a set, you can either play your match to first to win three sets or first to win
five sets. It just depends on how you’re going to play your match. That’s how to keep score
in tennis.

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