Hi, my name is Lincoln Ward. I’m a USPTA certified
teaching pro also the director of the Austin Tennis Center here in Austin, Texas. Today
we’re going to talk about how tennis balls lose their balance. Every tennis ball has
a nice little bounce to it, but they get that bounce from a combination of their rubber
interior as well as a pressurized core. The only thing that’s inside the middle of this
tennis ball is pressurized gas. Its actually pressurized to 12 PSI. That’s 12 pounds per
square inch. That gives a little bit of a push out. When the ball hits the ground, it
compresses on the ground and then the greater air pressure inside causes it to bounce out.
However over time, some of that air, that gas escapes giving it less of a pressure and
eventually it has very little pressure at all and you can squeeze it nice and easily.
Once it gets to that point, the ball is not going to have much of a bounce. That’s how
tennis balls lose their bounce.

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