Hi my name is Lincoln Ward. I’m a USPTA Certified
Tennis Teaching Pro here in Austin, Texas and also the director here of the Austin Tennis
Center. Today we are going to talk about the proper tennis racket for your tennis elbow.
If you are getting tennis elbow the type of tennis racket you really want to look for
is a flexible frame and a wider head for your racket. The flexibility in the frame allows
for a little more give and take so it transfers the vibration from the strings, it kind of
dampens it just a little bit so you don’t get as much vibration up through your arm.
The second thing you want to look for is a wider head. The wider the head on your racket
the wider the sweet spot and it gives you less likely of a chance to frame the racket.
When you hit the ball right here in the center of your racket it dissipates the vibration
evenly. The more towards the edge of your racket you go the more of a thunk type of
feeling you are going to have and you are going to really feel it in your hand and your
elbow. One other thing you could do is add a vibe absorb to your racket. It is a little
piece of rubber or foam device that really takes the level of the vibration away. In
the end, however if you are getting tennis elbow there is only so much your racket is
going to be able to do. You really need to start looking at your stroke development.
That is a little bit about tennis rackets for tennis elbow. Thanks a lot.

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9 thoughts on “Tennis Rackets & Maintenance : Best Rackets for Tennis Elbow”

  1. I think he is in Chicago..too windy background. Vibe absorb, will this help with someone who has a "frozen" elbow?

  2. here's several tips concerning ways to treat tennis elbow
    try ice packs to the affected region
    eating celery may help
    take omega-3 supplements
    try a hot potato pack to reduce pain
    (I discovered these and the reasons they work on trevs remedy tactic website )

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