Hi, my name is Lincoln Ward. I’m a USPTA certified
teaching pro, also the director of the Austin Tennis Center here in Austin, Texas. Today
I’m going to talk to you about stringing machines. There’s a wide variety of stringing machines
out there, which can generally be broken down in to three different portions; the mounting
system, the tension system, and the clamping system. First off, the mounting system comes
in either two, four, or six arm divisions. They, they all will hold your racket and just
depending on what you prefer to, to use. The tension system is one of three different systems;
a manual hand crank system, a, a tension pulling system, which is electric, as well as a drop
weight system, which can either be electric or manual. The third different, the third
type or category is the clamping system. The clamps you use to hold your racket are either
a, a stationary clamp, which you, you take two different clamps and they’re actually
a part of the, the stringing machine, and they, they’re clamped to both ends of the
racket as you pull a tension. The second type is a free, it’s a free standing clamp, which
is not connected at all, you just hold it, you just clamp it to the different edges of
your racket to string. That, that clamp doesn’t hold a tension quite as well. And then the
rotating clamp, which you can, which is a part of your stringing machine, but you can
rotate it, and to different positions for the manes and the crosses. My name is Lincoln
Ward, and that’s a little bit about stringing machines.

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