Now, we’re going to be talking about the grip
and the proper condition of it. You want a grip that is kind of sticky, so it doesn’t
shift between your hand; not glue, but really nice. We talk about the distance, one finger
between. This is an example of a good grip. To make it good you normally want to have
an under grip which is going to be your basic and under that under grip you’re going to
have a thin layer of an over grip that you’re going to grab around the racket. For example
Tracy’s racket only has the under grip and see; as you can see it’s getting worn out.
This is going to give her trouble having a good grip and staying on her hand. She’s probably
still going to be able to do it. See, here it’s really gone. So, what I would do. I would
take this out. I would put an under grip and then on top of that I would put an over grip.
The over grip gives you protection, because in case you’re playing a match and you’re
over grip is getting really bad you can always take it out and then have your under grip
there and ready to play again. These are the basics of under grip and over grip.

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Dennis Veasley

5 thoughts on “Tennis Preparation Tips : Tennis Racket Grip Tape”

  1. I am used to use an overgrip on top of the grip all the time if I were to remove it without replacing it in the middle of a match I would feel so unconfortable

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