Now that we’ve learned so much about grip,
what happens if we have a racket and the grip is too small? What happens if we have a racket
and the grip is too big? As a rule of thumb it’s better to have a big grip than a small
grip. A small grip is going to give you trouble on your shots; it’s not going to feel very
comfortable during a match. The good thing is that if a grip is too small you can always
make it bigger by adding another extra grip over it or another good tip is to take all
the grip out, put duct tape on it and wrap it up really good and then put on the grip
and then your second grip and then you’re going to have a really, really nice grip.
If your grip is too big what can you do? This is not so strongly recommended but there are
professionals that actually would take the whole thing out and would sand it to the point
where your grip is going to be good enough for you. If you want you can try it, that’s
on your risk and on your own racket. After that you just put your grip back and you’re
ready to play.

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Dennis Veasley

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