Now we are going to be talking about equipment.
The most important thing you need to play tennis is the tennis racket and shoes; besides
tennis balls of course. Let’s talk about the parts of the racket. We have the head of the
racket, which includes the strings, and then we have the bumper of the racket, the neck
of the racket and the grip of the racket. It’s important to have a good grip; first
of all the size of your grip. Make sure you can grab your racket around. Put your finger
in the space that’s between your hand and if that’s tight a nice; that means that your
grip is good. If the space was too big that would mean that the grip is too big for me
or like in Tracy’s racket which is too small for me. If the grip, see how my finger cannot
get in, this means that the grip is too small for me. This is basically the parts of the
racket; the equipment that you need.

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Dennis Veasley

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