NEW LIFE IS BEING PUMPED INTO THE SPORT OF TENNIS IN MEMPHIS. A MAJOR EXPANSION ANNOUNCED TODAY … IT’S HOPED WILL REPLACE THE OLD BELOVED RAQUET CLUB AT THE UNIVERSITY OF MEMPHIS. MEMPHIS TOPS CITIES IN THE STATE FOR THE MOST ADULTS WHO PLAY TENNIS. IT’S WHY MANY ARE SAYING THE 19-MILLION DOLLAR EXPANSION FOR THE LEFTWICH TENNIS CENTER IS SO IMPORTANT. LOCAL 24 NEWS REPORTER MIKE MATTHEWS … SERVES THIS ONE UP … ALL NEW AT FIVE. MIKE MATTHEWS REPORTING MIKE MATTHEWS/LOCAL 24 NEWS “If you’ve never played tennis…if its not your racket, maybe you don’t care about what the city and the University of Memphis have announced. It’s a big deal.” IT’S CERTAINLY A BIG DEAL TO THESE KIDS. THEY ARE SHORTIES WHO LOVE TO SERVE UP A HOT ONE. YOUNG ONES WHO LOVE THE GAME. THEY DON’T HAVE TO BE RICH…AND IN FACT, MANY AREN’T. STEPHEN LANG/TENNIS MEMPHIS “At Tennis Memphis we’re all about accessibility and affordability…so that’s why we raised the funds and it’s from the generous community here. Over eighty percent of the kids in our program are on some type of financial assistance. We’re reaching kids all over the city and they’re loving the game.” TENNIS IN MEMPHIS IS BIG…NOT BASKETBALL BIG…BUT BIG. MEMPHIS MAYOR JIM STRICKLAND “We have more adult players in Memphis than any other city in the state.” THIS IS WHY MAYOR JIM STRICKLAND WAS HERE AT THE LEFTWICH CENTER…TALKING ABOUT A PARTNERSHIP WITH THE UNIVERSITY OF MEMPHIS TO ALMOST DOUBLE THE SIZE OF THE LEFTWICH CENTER. THIS IS WHY THIS 19 MILLION DOLLAR EXPANSION IS AN IMPORTANT LINK TO THE BETTER MEMPHIS LIVING, HE SAYS. MEMPHIS MAYOR JIM STRICKLAND “If we get more children into these kinds of programs, tennis in particular, they’re less likely to be in trouble later in life.” WHEN PEOPLE TALK ABOUT HOW TO FIGHT CRIME…THIS IS ONE OF THOSE LONG RANGE PLANS. MORE COPS IS A SHORT TERM THING…ADJUSTING CHILDREN TO OTHER THINGS CAN CHANGE THEIR FUTURE. NOW DON’T FORGET THE UNIVERSITY OF MEMPHIS…THEY’RE A PARTNER WITH THE CITY ON THIS. THIS WILL BE WHERE THEIR TENNIS TEAMS WILL PLAY. M. DAVID RUDD/PRESIDENT UNIVERSITY OF MEMPHIS “This gives visability to the tennis program that I think really is warranted,. We have great nationally competitive programs. We’ve needed a facility like this for decades. Its great to see it happen and happen so quickly.” MIKE MATTHEWS/LOCAL 24 NEWS “Most of the individual fund raising has already been finished. That’s how serious people take tennis around here. In Memphis, Mike Matthews, Local 24 News.” DEVELOPING LOCAL IN MEMPHIS… A DEEP DIVE INTO POTENTIAL

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