While Justin Gimelstob was primping his curly
mane for a role in an upcoming CSI episode, we were compiling the latest and greatest
stories from around the tennis world. Hey Tennis Fans, I’m Blair Henley and welcome
to the Tennis Now News Update! Yes, the commentator extraordinaire will make
his on-camera debut along with hall-of-famer Chris Evert and gold medalist Lindsay Davenport. The January episode of the hit crime drama
will center around the death of a – wait for it – tennis player! Mark your calendars. Those of you who got a little teary-eyed at
the conclusion of the World Tour Finals got one last dose of tennis this weekend with
the 100th Davis Cup final in Prague. The tie between Spain and the Czech Republic
came down to 11th-ranked Nicolas Almagro and No.31 Radek Stepanek. Unbelievably, the 33-year-old Stepanek clinched
the title for the Czechs in four sets, becoming the oldest player to win the deciding fifth
rubber in Davis Cup Final history. Stepanek is also known for his one-time engagement
to Martina Hingis and his current marriage to former tennis phenom Nicole Vaidisova,
10 years his junior. Stepanek clearly has skillz on the court and
off. It’s a sad day for Argentine tennis fans
as 27-year-old Gisela Dulko has unexpectedly announced her retirement. The former doubles No. 1 said this on her
website, quote: “The reason why I have decided to retire from tennis is because I now have
other priorities on which I want to focus. As a result, I don’t have the same desire
or ability to make the sacrifices which are necessary to live the life of a tennis professional.” Gustavo Kuerten came out of retirement briefly
to beat world No. 1 Novak Djokovic 7-6, 7-5 in an exhibition match in Brazil Saturday
attended by over 10,000 spectators. I know you’re INCREDIBLY surprised to hear
that Djokovic entertained fans by dancing and putting on a “Guga”-style curly wig. Later Djokovic joined Kuerten for a charity
soccer match where both tennis stars scored goals. Roger Federer announced his schedule for 2013,
and there are a few noticeable holes. Federer won’t play any warm-up tournaments
before the Australian Open, and he also won’t play on the slow courts at the Sony Open after
Indian Wells. And it looks like he won’t show up at his
home tourney in Basel next year after rumors suggested Federer’s management was looking
for near double his current $540,000 appearance fee. Let’s get a debate going in the comment
section…do you think Federer should take less money to play in his home tournament? Is he being greedy by asking for more? Let us know! As always check us out on Facebook and Twitter,
and we’ll see you next time, here on Tennis Now

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Dennis Veasley

13 thoughts on “Tennis on CSI, Nole Imitates Guga, and Federer’s Schedule – Tennis Now News Update Show”

  1. More money for the tournament in his own town, damm now i hate him even more ! He should be honored to play a tournament in his city not as for more money to do it unrespectfull idiot

  2. Fed is still the GOAT & he can ask for anything he wants. More money for his ending career will raise the ships for all who can follow him. Even though tennis is the most egalitarian sport, it still rankles when they sign 20 million dollar contracts to watch guys dunk basketballs. When tennis sponsors can no longer afford their patronage, then, Fed's price & everyone else's will go down. Until then, let Fed & the rest of the field squeeze every last nickel that they can from them.

  3. The old guys always beat the cool guys.

    Nole curly tops… lololololol I can't believe pretty women like Stephenick (Lips) – He's gross! lol We'll miss Gisela Dulko!

    Roger has enough $. Yes, he's greedy!! Shame on Roger! It's your home town, dude! 😉
    I think the real reason is he doesn't want to play/waste energy in that "lessor" tournament….

  4. You can never really know what the true "negotiation" needsmotives are unless you are someone directly involved — but 545K for Federer to play???? That's it ????? All the fan money he generates? Wait. That number doesn't seem like enough to get out of bed for if you're a talent like Federer. Aren't top players normally making $1 mil to play exhibition matches? The money shouldn't be any less when RF's TALENT is what generates the viewership massively/the return on Ad Revenue dollars anyway.

  5. Hypothetical: He will agree to play for that money, if you will agree to work for $2 an hour simply b/c that's what you're offered to work in the field where you spent tons of money and time crafting and developing your expertise..

  6. (my bad, I know Basel isn't an exhibition match)
    I think Gerry Weber tourney pays out a million for Federer and Nadal — someone correct this if wrong.

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