I like the competitive aspect that we had in high school and growing up, but also it does have the fun aspect as well because it’s more laid back compared to college tennis. Well we get to keep up our skills, it’s
something we love, and if we didn’t have the chance to go play, like, competitively
or if we wanted to, or even if we didn’t it’s still super fun to go out and go
hit with people that also love to play tennis. I started freshman year and I never
wanted to give tennis up. It was a hard choice not to go to a school where I could play and it’s been really great because it feels like a continuation of all the really competitive
tournaments when we were playing Juniors. I found that club tennis at the University of Rochester was a good thing and USTA runs Tennis on Campus, which is awesome, so we can have big tournaments like Sectionals and
Nationals, so I just hopped on and I’ve been loving it. [Interviewer]: The reason I love playing Tennis on Campus is… Because it is the most fun I’ve ever had
all year. I feel like club tennis really made me find my love for tennis again. ‘Cuse by a million!

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Dennis Veasley

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