I’m Mickaël, I’m 32, I’m working for Decathlon since 12 years at Decathlon Yutz. Just below Luxembourg. I love tennis since my 5 years old. On the shop during an event such as Moselle Open, it’s around 5000€ per week. Knowing that there is a children day when we are selling a maximum of jumbo balls. We are selling almost the tier of what we are selling during the week on wednesday. We have 2 teammates of Decathlon Wittenheim who are coming this year. It’s open to everybody in France, that’s amazing. On a typical day, we try to arrive 1h, 1h30 before the matches in order to install the shop and during the day, we are splitting the timing. The more we are, the best is it because, watch more matches, we can share moment with the brand. So it’s very important to be as much as we can to share also experiences in Decathlon stores. Experiences are viral then. This year is very nice because we have the chance to have the jumbo balls marked with the Moselle Open logo. That’s really nice ! During the week, we are selling around 150 tubes of Artengo TB920 balls, and 200 jumbos balls, knowing that since last year we have the medium jumbo balls. It allows us to target a bigger audience because the price is lower, it’s better in terme of selling. I think that this year, we’ll break our record !

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