Hey there, it’s Jeff Salzenstein, and in today’s
video lesson, we’re going to get right to it. This is all about the forehand sitter.
The put-away forehand. We’ve had a few people send me emails
the last couple of months. “How the heck do you hit a forehand sitter put-away?” People are really struggling with this shot and it’s actually a shot that you
shouldn’t have to struggle with. It’s one that you don’t need to be frustrated
with anymore, and you can handle it. So, there’s many components to go
into the forehand sitter but the one that we want to talk about today is where you finish with your hand and your racket at the end. So, when you come up for this sitter you’re going to come up, and today,
we’re going to show the version where you’re going to load up your outside leg,
and then land on your front leg, or your inside leg, after you make contact. But the key is where you finish.
The ball, you want to take it above shoulder. Shoulder or above,
you don’t want to let this ball drop and when you finish, your racket
is going to go down like this. You’re going to finish low in this part.
So, it’s anywhere from your pocket up to just below your chest right,
around your ribcage right here. That’s the key to being able to flatten out this ball. You’re going to load up the outside leg,
you’re going to jump in the air, and then you’re going to finish
down towards the pocket. I like to call it “Down to the Pocket.”
Even though you might not go that low you want to think of doing that. Too many players are coming up, and they’re swinging, and they’re still going up over the shoulder and they wonder why they’re flagging the forehand. Luckily, we’ve got a player that can do it today. Max is going to come in, he’s jumping into the scene right now, and he’s going to show us how it’s done. So Max, why don’t you demonstrate it first,
and then we’ll talk a little bit? Go back to the baseline, please. So, I’m going to give Max some high balls right here. I’m just going to toss them up high in the air
as if it’s a sitter. He’s going to take it down the line
and show us his great finish. So, the ball’s right there and you can notice where his racket is going. He’s catching the racket because he’s
been taught to do that by his stickler coach and then he’s finishing down. Notice the racket head acceleration,
because he’s finishing fast and across his body. Good. So Max, come in here for a second. So, I’ve noticed… why don’t you go ahead and
put your hand where you finished? So, it’s somewhere in this area right here. And so, Max, tell me what you’re thinking about
when you’re approaching this ball. (Max): I’m just trying to get my feet in the right position, and then swing pretty fast, and aim low towards the net. Okay. So, I noticed you didn’t go over your shoulder. So, I was even trained to do, to finish lower but what do you notice happens
when you start up here? Take the ball-shoulder height, and you kind of
swing down on. What do you notice happens to the ball for you? (Max): Well, the ball definitely dives down to court,
where it lasers down into the court. Whereas, if I finish more over my shoulder,
it has a tendency to be higher over the net, and float long sometimes. And that’s what you want to do on this sitter.
You want to get that ball at shoulder height or above, even near the head,
and be able to cover that ball. Smother that ball, and hit it down into the court. Now, of course, if you’re hitting your sitters into the net, then you definitely want to finish a little bit higher and we can show you how to fix that as well.
But if you’re missing long and you’re not hitting that laser,
get it above the shoulder and finish down by the pocket. I really hope you received a ton of value
from this lesson today so you can go take action on the court
as soon as possible. If you want to see more in-depth breakdown of this lesson and many others make sure to join us inside the
Total Tennis Training inner circle where you can get cutting-edge
tennis tips and strategies that can fix your weaknesses
and improve your strengths. If you want to be a part of our growing online tennis community and get the best tennis lessons on the planet go ahead and click the link below and we’ll help you go to the next level with your tennis. I’m really excited to help you out, and thanks
for taking the time to watch this lesson today.

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54 thoughts on “TENNIS LESSONS | How To Crush A Sitter Tennis Forehand”

  1. Brad Gilbert (from "Winning Ugly") adds that you might should "choke up" on the handle and swing a little slower than usual for control rather than power. You don't have to kill it, just hit it solidly and direct it to the open court.

  2. If you're missing your sitters into the net…make sure your back is upright and straight….crouching / slouching will inadvertently close your racket face.

  3. This really helps exploit opportunities.
    So easy to hit this ball long if you don't know what you're doing!
    Particularly on a short ball, when you have less runway to play with.

  4. Well I tend to miss these out long when they are just a little lower than my shoulder, and I can't quite just hit down like a lazer.

  5. I would say you hit up too much. Don't finish over your shoulder unless you're on the baseline. I'm not a coach though, so don't put too much stock in it, but in practise you may want to try playing around with how high (low?) you end your swingthrough.

  6. Jeff you are really not bad, I am watching you more and more. Before I just watches OSCAR WEGNER and JIM MCLENNAN, now I watch more and more you. Please speak more about HEAVY "Nadal like" LIFT…..

  7. nice video! check out my hitting forehands tennis video and let me know what you think! Lets help everyone learn tennis! keep working hard!

  8. Dude, you're awesome! Really enjoyed this drill even though my shots laser in on the back panel sometimes. I guess that's only a grip adjustment needed to take care of that issue, huh

  9. these are EXACTLY what I TOTALLY suck at: To kill low/high sitters into my bh and fh!!! Im high and when someone plays slow balls to my backhand Im toast!

  10. These videos are good since it shows the right way instead of doing my own thing. I have a similar stroke but end almost shoulder high.

  11. @TennisCoachTV Jeff , how do you hit this put away Roger Federer style with a straight / extended arm like he does? Can you do an instruction on that? I feel he has the absolute best put away shots. Thanks.

  12. @jeff i also agree with @allaboutthemojo, how do you rip the single bend forehand? love your vids they're so helpful thanks mate

  13. Please no one take this terrible coaching , can anybody coach anymore and not show shit technique my god everyone makes it more hard than it should be and more complex

  14. What if the ball is coming down but also still high, what if it has backspin on it and the path of the ball is more vertical. ????

  15. Thanks for the tip Jeff. I watched this video years ago and put it to good use. This one tip is exactly what I used to crush sitter forehands. Guys wonder how I could flatten the ball so hard and still keep it in the court. Thanks again!

  16. Forehand myths debunked: Former Top 100 ATP Pro, Jeff Salzenstein, is exposing 3 common myths that could be crippling your forehands potential. Most players make at least 1 of these 3 mistakes… Do you? https://goo.gl/1NRwYR

  17. Does this only apply to sitter forehands? Cause in other tutorial vids, I saw it was suggested still to swing from low to high, but just moderately from a higher level. I'm confused.

  18. Good lesson, hard subject. For me a difficult shot to put away. It appears you approach the back of the ball with an open face, whereas your partner approaches with the edge of the racquet. What do you reccomend? Your technique appears to be the "windshield wiper". Is it? What path do the strings take across the back of the ball? I just got beat against this shot.

  19. Here's great example of Nadal finishing low on a high sitter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xt4OBL45GIE&t=32s

  20. Thank you so much Jeff.

    Loved the tip about bringing the racquet down to your waist on the finish.

    Quick question. I know I’m supposed to hit it at shoulder height.

    But the bounce doesn’t always end up exactly at shoulder height. Sometimes it bounces a little bit higher than shoulder height. In that situation, should I let the ball hit its peak and let it drop to shoulder level before I hit it? Or should I hit the ball on the rise before it goes over my shoulder?

    I’ve never been able to figure this out.

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