Hi this is Scott for Expert Village. Now we’re
going to talk about the ready position. Now basically when I say ready position, that
just means that you are going to be in the set position to receive a shot whether it’s
to your, to your forehand or your backhand. So the, what I usually do with the ready position,
is, is I’m on the balls of my feet. My, my feet are usually in shoulder width apart,
maybe a little bit more and I’ve got my left hand on the racket as a stabilizer. And my
right hand has got the, the hand shake grip going. And then I’m just bending at the waist
a little bit and a little bit in your knees. And you?re just standing there waiting to,
for the ball to be able to react to the ball. If it’s going to come to the right side of
your body or it’s going to come to the left side of your body. You’re prepared because
your racket face is raised up and it’s straight ahead, so that you can come either side with
just a quick movement. You’re not going to be standing here waiting like this, and you’re
not going to be standing here waiting with the racket to your backhand side. You want
the racket straight ahead with the racket face raised up, so that you can turn on a
second and, and go with the forehand or turn on a second and go with the backhand. So that
you’re always, you’re in the, the position where you can adjust to the ball and get to
the ball and make the shot.

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Dennis Veasley

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