Hi, this is Scott for Expert Village. We’re
going to continue on now with our lesson here. Basically, when we start out we want to at
least warm up before we go out and start running around and maybe pull something. So, the best
thing to do is to go through a few stretching exercises and I’m going to go over a couple,
two three with you. You can adapt it to whatever you want to do, whatever works good for you
but, basically, you want to just warm up your muscles so you’re limber and you’re ready
to go. The one I usually start with is just to put your feet at shoulder width and all
I do, is I just try to twist my shoulders back and forth. Don’t over exert, just kind
of twist to the point where you’re feeling your back muscles pull a little bit and you
just kind of warm them up. Just back and forth, back and forth because you’re going to be
getting a lot of this motion with your swinging the racket. That’s number one. Number two,
I like to do usually, I’ll get down on the ground and try to extend my lower back by
reaching down to touch my toes. Slowly, try to keep your legs straight and extend your
arms out and touch your toes. It helps loosen up your lower back. That’s number two. Number
three, I usually like to… back in high school, we used to always do jumping jacks so, I king
got into the jumping jack mode just to help limber up your leg muscles and get your arms
moving and get your body possibly try to get your heart rate up a little bit. So, let’s
do a few jumping jacks. Ready, begin. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight,
nine, ten. Now you can do more obviously, if you feel like you need it but, just for
the lesson, to shorten the lesson down, we’re just going to go with ten. So, those three
stretches again were the side to side, the toe touchers that I was doing from the sitting
position and then the jumping jacks just to get your heart going and loosen up your legs
a little bit.

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Dennis Veasley

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