So let’s say I get in my first serve. I win
the point. Now the scoring would go as such. I am the one serving. I call out my point
first. So and the scoring goes Love is zero, 15, 30, 40, game. So basically there are only
four points in a game. So if I get the first point then the score I would yell out then
would be 15 to Love. Because I have the first point because I have 15. The other, my opponent,
has love, a zero or a Love. Now I go to the next serve. Say I get the next point it would
be 30 Love. And I always call out the score right before I serve. So I’m serving I say
30 Love then I go ahead and serve. My opponent knows the score. I know the score that way
every time. so I would say I win the point next time I would say it’s 40 Love and I got
the fourth point that would be game point. And if I got that point it would be game my
game and I would be up one to nothing. Basically you play. Most times you play to a six game
set. So I serve then my opponent serves. Then I serve my opponent serves. And we want to
switch on odd games. So if I won the first game and my opponent, as soon as I win the
first game. It’s the first game of the set, what they call a set. We would switch ends.
You switch ends only on odd games. So then he would serve. And say he got the he won
the he held his serve. It’s called holding your serve if you win the game while you?re
serving. He would be, the score would be one to one. Then I would serve for the third game
and say I won that game it would be two to one and then we would switch again, switch
out. See you always switching on odd games. So also there is an important point of the
scoring. So one other point is the on, say I’m up 30/30 or say it’s I’m up 40/30. You
can’t win a game by one point. You have to win by two points. Say he tied me at 40/40
that would automatically start talking about deuce as being a tie. My add say if I’m up
one point, because the scoring only goes to 40, say it was 40/40 you say deuce. You be
in the deuce court. And you serve. If I win that point. Since there are no other numbers
past 40 I would say it would be my add since I’m serving. If my opponent one the point,
I would say add out when I’m about to serve the next point. So say it’s my add. At that
point I win the next point that would be game. You have to win by two points. So your either
a deuce, your add or add out. And then like I say it’s only a two point difference as
far as the game at that point and then if you get. If your an add you when the next
point your opponent has got the add and he wins the next point it would a game. That
would be the end of that game.

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  1. These videos are all messed up! This one doesn't follow the captions! AND you have to keep moving your mouse to get it to play! UGGGGGGH!

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