Hi this is Scott for Expert Village. One other
thing we forgot to talk about was your body position in the court and your moving your
body to be able to make the shot. The biggest thing in tennis is getting to the shot. Once
you’ve gotten to the shot it’s pretty much a basic thing where your doing the same thing
over and over again. It’s kind of like golf. Where your over the ball. Your hitting the
ball with something. It works pretty much the same every time. But you have to get to
the ball. It’s the biggest thing. If you don’t have good mobility you can work on it and
try to be able to see where you think the ball is going to bounce and get a jump on
the ball. That’s the main thing. Some people are athletic. Normally they know how to anticipate
where the ball is going to be. A lot of people have to kind of learn that. Sometimes it is
going to take time. So basically what you want to do is your seeing the ball coming
off the other persons racket. You want to anticipate where the ball is going. Where
the ball is going to bounce. At what point. How far in or out. So your body position is
important. Once the ball is struck, if I see the ball is coming back, I’m getting, I’m
turning. I’m getting, keeping my eyes on the ball the whole time, moving to that spot.
And then setting up for my position, my body position, to come through if it’s a forehand,
or spinning back the other way for the backhand. But you’ve got to anticipate where the ball
is going to bounce at. If your close up at the net then you could take it in the air
usually. But you want to be able to anticipate and get an early jump on. As soon as you see
where it’s coming off on a person’s racket, you’re anticipating where it’s going to bounce.
Your getting to that spot. And your watching the ball and then.

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