Hi, this is Scott for Expert Village. Now
we’re going to talk about what we’re going to do after we hit our serve. We’ve, let’s
say we’ve hit a successful serve. And I forgot to mention that you do get two serves. If
you don’t get the ball in the, in the service court with the first ball, you do get a second
ball. I think we covered it earlier, but just to, to reiterate. You have to get one out
of two, two attempts into that box. Once you do that, the ball is in play. Now let’s say
I’ve hit my serve, I’m following through, I’m coming into the court. You don’t want
to be standing in the middle of the court. This is what they call dead man’s land. If
you’re standing here, you’re basically, the guy can hit it anywhere and he’s probably
going to win the point, unless he hits it right at you. And most the time, you’re hitting
against somebody, they’re going to try to hit it away from wherever you’re at. So, you
don’t want to be standing in the middle of the court. You want either stay back after
you hit your serve, you want to stay back and kind of get a feel for the, the point.
Let it play out a little bit. And then if he hits a short ball, then you move in and
then you?re going to take it on the, on the run. You’ve got one bounce to get to it, so
you want be on your toes. Or when you hit your serve you can follow up and end up coming
up if you’ve hit a decent serve, and you’ve got the guy towards the baseline, you can
continue up to the, to the net and then you can make a play up at the net. And we’ll cover
that in the next segment.

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Dennis Veasley

26 thoughts on “Tennis Lessons for Beginning Players : How to Serve in Tennis”

  1. Wow. What awesome production values. I like the way the cameramans shadow is cast across the court. By the way, i learnt absolutely nothing about SERVING in this HOW TO SERVE video.

  2. Alright! Great video! But I have one question: how do I serve?
    Wasn't that the point of the video? To teach people how to serve? Please refund me 1:35.

  3. So as a teacher, I find it's best to have an idea of what you're going to teach before the lesson starts. It's like someone hit play and he just started making it up as he went.

  4. Congratz!!! This idiot can pretend to play on a tennis court with service boxes and court at atLEAST 3X the size of a normal one.

    "Now lets say some1 hits the ball right at you. Then, your gonna wanna step slightly to your right, take a good 3 or 4 minutes to line up your shot, then hit it back. Now its ok if you miss 2 or 3 times, but if ya miss more than 5, then ya suck. Welcome to my world"

  5. What the devil is he on about? What a fuckwit.
    For all those who don't know, Expert Village is really a bunch of idiots prancing around showing off what little they've seen about various things. They've seen ACTUAL experts do stuff and then made videos trying to copy them. I guess I should make a video entitle 'how to breathe' or 'how to blink'. Actually, no I couldn't do that because I'm pretty well an expert at those things, so I wouldn't fit into the Expert Village crowd.

  6. So, I'm not gonna stand in the middle of the court.. and I have 2 chances in my serve, How can this take 1:35 for u to explain?!

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