Hi this is Scott for Expert Village. We’re
going to talk about the grip. I talked earlier about the size of the grip. I’ve got two rackets
here, one is L2, this is more of a children’s type of a racket, it’s a 4 1/4 grip, and if
I put my hand on it…and basically what you’re going to do when you grab the racket, you’ll
basically hold it up-down, and you’ll do what they call the old handshake grip. You basically
put your hand down like you’re shaking hands with the racket. When it hits into your palm,
it should automatically line up with your thumb and if you can see this, my thumb is
actually on the flatter part of the grip. Your other fingers wrap around and your thumb
actually touches your index and middle finger and actually comes up maybe to the second
knuckle on your middle finger. Your index finger will just be touching maybe up to the
first knuckle. So the proper grip should be right in there. You can play with it, see
what you like. Here’s one that’s a little bit bigger, actually it’s pretty close to
the same size, the way it’s hitting my finger..You can see it is slightly bigger. So when you’re
grabbing the racket, you’re not going to be grabbing up here on the grip, you’re not going
to be grabbing on the middle…people want to play with their hand way up high on the
grip and that turns into more of a racquetball type thing where you’re using too much wrist.
You want to be able to grab it and feel comfortable with it toward the butt of the racket. One
thing you’re going to want to remember though is the grip should almost be like a handshake
with the racket, you’re not going to be holding it flat; you’re not going to be twisting it
back this way. You want it to be in between your thumb and your index finger should almost
directly line up with the shaft of the racket going upward. I don’t know if you can get
that but basically, this is coming up so that the V hits right into that area and then you
have a little bit of a wrap around, with the middle finger and the index finger. You’ll
know if it feels comfortable or not. If it is too narrow of a grip, you’ll be overlapping
too much, and if it is too big your fingers will barely be touching. You don’t want that,
you want it right so that it just touches the second knuckle of the middle finger as
you wrap your hand around.

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Dennis Veasley

50 thoughts on “Tennis Lessons for Beginning Players : How to Grip a Tennis Racket”

  1. No. For great, modern style topspin use semi-western or western grip. You can probably youtube those terms to find out how to position your fingers.

  2. yeah, but they are frustrated players fighting for millions of dollars, but this guy is an instructor, he should be more concerned about his equipment!

  3. Hahahaha 3 minutes about placing your hand on a racket for just the serve… hahaha This guy is at gunpoint… Can't be something else. He is scared to death and nervous!

    If he teaches you, you will hit 2 balls… Between his legs… Or you just roll over and go to sleep in the first minute.

    Tip: You have playback on a camcorder… Use it and see if you really had something to say. If not… Then do it again and do it good.


  4. wow. Playing racket sports since 7? figured he would be a better instructor at this point. Repeats himself a lot and studders

  5. this is why i hate expertvillage…

    "played at every level except profesionally"… so hes an amatuer then…

    this is the worst advice how to handle a raquet… don't listen to this

  6. But… That would make you an amatuer, there is only two levels, Professionally and Amatuer, there's no denying that.

    If you want tennis advice, go to FuzzyYellowBalls youtube page.

    Just heard "Shaking hand grip" hahaha, it's called Eastern douchebag. (that wasn't aimed at you it was aimed at Expert Village)

  7. no, you are the amatuer, it is called the continental not the eastern.
    and second there are not such things as levels douchebag.

  8. just practice, I'm guessing you're in eighth grade.
    if so, you have almost a year to practice.
    it isn't that hard, just get some private lessons if you are serious enough about it.

  9. just do it next year and practice.
    or just do it now, if people judge you because you aren't the best at tennis then I don't think you want to be on that team.
    tennis is more for an experience and meeting new people. if they aren't nice to you, then you are too good for them.

  10. @2knowfun2 I HATE when people do this. I'm going to flag your comment because if you want to get known you don't comment on other people's videos when the user themselves are already trying. Then you come up advertising your videos. PLUS, this is for BEGINNERS, even though I was using this video to get to the pther vids that EXPERTVILLAGE HAD. Tis is not for you to make ads. If you want to make ads on other videos than OBVIOUSLY your videos aren't that great.

  11. This is a bad explanation… He stutters too much and he seems not to really care about the sport of tennis. No passion, he seems to be sleepy…

  12. @LankySpotlighter93 Maybe it's the new type of sex? bu with a tennis racket, why would he even mention milf here

  13. Mick Jagger, Lou Reed, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, all the same … I'm envisioning them playing each other, who would win?

  14. i just want to do this right :D… i've only played a few times, i really enjoy it and before i go and catch some bad habbits and start off with flaud tehniques, i want to see how things are done properly

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