Hi this is Scott for Expert Village. We are
going to first talk about equipment. The equipment that I usually use or that most people will
choose. You can choose any type of balls because really, they have Wilson, Spaulding whatever
you choose. You can go by price. If you feel like paying a little bit more then you can
get. I don’t know which ones are the more expensive. I guess it depends on what store
has a sale going or whatever. But it really doesn’t matter too much. Most balls, they
used to have just balls for hard court surfaces, some were for like on clay. Not to many grass
court city anymore but they used to have them for grass courts. Today it really doesn’t
matter because it’s mostly hard court surfaces in the U.S. but you might find a few clay
courts. Any type of ball you get from a store will suffice that you get for a beginner.
It’s not going to be that big of an issue.

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Dennis Veasley

2 thoughts on “Tennis Lessons for Beginning Players : How to Choose a Tennis Ball”

  1. What a load if rubbish! 1:09 worth of how to choose a tennis ball .. but in the end it doesn't really matter! .. like the height of the net in a previous video .. waffle, waffle and basically it didn't matter! lol! Who are these idiots at Expert Village?

  2. Absolutely pointless… feels like he was forced to testify against the school bully in the school assembly Lols!

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